Deciding on a career is one of the most challenging and anxious decision that we can make in our lives. We are faced with many questions like…

  • images (31)What career should I follow?
  • What school subjects are necessary for one’s chosen career path?
  • Which institutions provide the most suitable training for one’s chosen career path?
  • What courses are important for one’s career?
  • Have I chosen the right degree?

These can be challenging questions to answer and a career assessment can assist students who are in the process of choosing a career path.

What is assessed during a career assessment?

When doing a career assessment, it is important to get a holistic view of the person. I assess each person’s aptitude, personality, values and interests. This enables me to get a comprehensive view of who they are as a person. This is important so that I can provide career options which take into account the person’s ability, interests and working environment.

images (32)What does the process entail?

The assessment takes approximately 5 hours. I write a personalised report for each person. At the feedback session, the results of the assessment are discussed and any questions are addressed.


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